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What We Do

  • Create a group of women in similar situations (widows)
  • Listen to and appreciate their stories
  • Discuss the importance of knowing that God cares for them
  • Discuss ways they can take good care of themselves physically and spiritually
  • Support them in times of crisis and distress
  • Set them up with a small business to help sustain their family
  • Teach widows to take care of themselves physically through learning to grow and cook good food and living in a clean environment
  • Teach widows to take of themselves spiritually by showing them how to pray and seek God

How We Operate

  • No middle person
  • No Administration fee
  • We are not sponsored by or connected with any government, it is just people helping people
  • Our workers are volunteers who have contributed their own money to the ministry and some are widows themselves
  • We seek to work with people in their own language, through interpreters if necessary, with local representatives the widows can understand and relate to
  • We select people to help based on need and resources available.  Often it is farming tools, seed, and other resources to help them stand on their own that our widows need more than money.

Vision Statement

  • To inspire and empower widows, widowers and single parents in overcoming challenges of a single parenting.
  • To assist in providing financial and non-financial support to the group as their need may be.
  • Reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ

About Us

Apple of His Eyes Ministries, a non-profit organisation, came into existence through a woman of God, Sister Adeshola Carew with the full support of her husband Pastor Kolawole Carew. God put in her heart to take care of widows and single parents. She received this vision early in 2015 and the ministry was established on August 8, 2015.



Apple of His Eyes Ministries is a non-profit organisation hoping to make a difference in the lives of widows, widowers and single parents. It may not be for the whole world at once but will help towards a better life for many people. Your donation will help us to help widows in Africa and Canada. Help us make a difference with a heartfelt donation...


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Get Involved

  1. Volunteer with us
  2. Donate to us 
  3. Pray for the widows  

We'd love to have you join us...


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